Welcome to BrandeisMD

Welcome to BrandeisMD, specializing in Urology and Sexual Medicine. As a general urologist for over 20 years, I was the Chief of Urology at John Muir Hospital and Hill Physicians IPA, and the managing partner for Pacific Urology for many years. During that time, I started the Robotic Surgery Program, the Kidney Stone Center, and MRI prostate biopsy program. My fellow doctors voted me a top Urologist in the Bay Area in SF Magazine from 2014 to 2018.

In early 2018 I became interested in innovations for restoring erectile function in men. Most of the treatments for ED, like pills, pumps, and shots, are temporary. Restorative treatments like GAINSwave, Platelet Rich Plasma, and stem cells hold the promise of a longer lasting solution. Equally important, ED can be the first indication of underlying cardiovascular disease, and as a caring physician, I hope to be able to help patients prevent future problems.

These restorative therapies are cutting edge, and the data is not as mature as it will eventually be. As with any new treatments, some work and others that were initially promising turn out to be placebo. As an educator and a researcher, I am committed to providing the most up to date information to my patients on my website in a sophisticated but understandable fashion, including the strengths and weaknesses of my protocols. Also, I will provide the rationale behind my clinical thought processes and the potential side effects and worst case scenarios.

You and I and the team at BrandeisMD will partner on a journey to restore physical intimacy as part of your life using the most up to date and cutting-edge treatments. I am the National Director of Clinical Excellence for GAINSwave. My responsibilities include leading research on best practices, developing the most effective protocols and coordinating the discussion among GAINSwave practitioners. I am also the lead instructor for REVIVE and teach Male Sexual Medicine seminars to physicians all over the country. I will provide you with the most up to date information available, and I will guide you on your journey to restore health and physical intimacy as a part of your life.

BrandeisMD does not accept insurance, although I will help you bill your insurance company for covered services. I feel that medicine has lost its way with the burden of paperwork and coding and pressure to cram as many patients into the day as possible. I view my relationship with my patients as a privilege and do not want insurance companies to influence the sacred relationship between doctor and patient. My staff and I will treat you with dignity and respect. We will take your concerns seriously and heal you, not just your disease process.

Best of Health in 2019!

Judson Brandeis MD