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A Comprehensive Guide to Testosterone Optimization

Maintaining peak physical and mental performance is crucial in the demanding world of first responders. Dr. Judson Brandeis, a distinguished urologist, and men’s health expert recognizes the importance of equipping first responders with knowledge about Testosterone Optimization and Replacement Therapy (TRT). This blog post’ll delve into the

How the Penis Works

What You Need to Know About the Penis

Dr. Brandeis Reviews GAINSwave

In this video, Dr. Brandeis dissects GAINSwave and why he recommends it to so many men and even professional athletes!

Sexual Health Virtual Panel for Journalists and Reporters

Sex and the Prostate Webinar

Discussing GAINSwave therapy on the Doctors’ TV show

GAINSwave and Peyronie’s Disease discussion on the January 21st, 2019 episode of the Doctors’ TV show.

EmSculpt – Behind the Photos

Watch Dr. Brandeis show his first EmSculpt treatment followed by an in-depth scientific description of how EmScultp’s HIFEM technology works to build muscle and burn fat.

Dr. Brandeis joins BioHackers to discuss the best ED treatment options

Dr. Brandeis recently joined the BioHackers Lab to discuss the best erectile dysfunction treatment options. Watch the simulcast below!

BrandeisMD – Sexual Medicine in SF Bay Area

Dr. Brandeis describes his Sexual Medicine and Urology practice in San Ramon, CA in the SF Bay Area.