What is Promescent?

Promescent is a spray that will help you (or your partner) last longer in bed. It also gives you more time to enjoy play time, explore, and discover new levels of intimacy and satisfaction. Promescent products are not just for having amazing sex (but it’s definitely a nice benefit), they are for building amazing relationships and bringing partners closer together. As the only male delay spray sold in the U.S. with a clinical study that supports its effectiveness, Promescent is closing the orgasm gap. Using Promescent is as simple as spray on, rub in, and wait 10-15 minutes. Once fully absorbed, you’ll be ready for the best sex you’ve had in years.

What makes Promescent different?

Promescent is the market leader for many reasons, but here are the 3 most important:

It works quickly

You’ll be ready to rock your partner’s world just 10-15 minutes after application.

There’s no mess

Competing creams and wipes can be messy. Even worse, they may transfer the effects of lidocaine to your partner. With Promescent, you spray where you need it, and it will stay there.

It lasts

Promescent spray was designed so your skin retains a high concentration of lidocaine throughout play time.

How to Use Promescent


Apply 3 or more sprays (but no more than 10) to the underside of the head of your penis and along the underside of the shaft – these are the two most sensitive areas. The spray will apply a little better if you are fully erect – but it is not required. All men have different levels of sexual sensitivity, so I recommend experimenting to find out how many sprays is right for you.


Generously rub-in the liquid onto your penis until it is fully absorbed. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands immediately after application. You do not want the lidocaine to transfer to anything you touch afterward.


Wait until Promescent is fully absorbed into the skin – this gives the perfect opportunity to warm up and have a little foreplay fun with you partner.


Please contact us if you have a question about Promescent that is not answer in the FAQ.