What is oxytocin?

Oxytocin is a peptide hormone produced in the body.  It has a number of effects which differ between men and women.  In women it plays a key role in induction of labor, letdown of milk, and managing postpartum bleeding.  In men and women, it Is linked strongly to orgasm and sexual behavior, as well as in bonding, such as between a mother and newborn.

What does it do?

For men, taking oxytocin before or during sex has been shown to increase overall sexual satisfaction in a number of different parameters.  Studies report a major effect on increasing feelings of connection with a partner as well as enhancement of the sensation of orgasm.  In fact, one studied demonstrated restoration of orgasm in a gentleman suffering from acquired anorgasmia disorder.

How do I take it and how long does it take to feel effects?

There are different forms of oxytocin available, the most common and quickest route is in the form of an intranasal spray.  This method allows for rapid onset, with plasma oxytocin levels rise within 20 minutes, although most men feel effects immediately.

Another form is through oral drops which are applied beneath the tongue.  Some men prefer this method, taking 4 drops 10-20 minutes before intercourse.

How long does it last?

Studies show oxytocin levels remain elevated through 60 minutes when applied intranasally.  Researchers are unsure of why given oxytocin’s short half life of 3-4 minutes, however one idea is that the oxytocin continues to be absorbed through the nasal mucosa in this time frame.

Is it safe?  What are the side effects?

In the current studies examining the effects of intranasal oxytocin on men’s sexual health, no side effects were reported.  Intranasal oxytocin has numerous studies in women for different indications.  Some potential side effects have been reported to include runny, stuffy nose, watering eyes, headache, uterine bleeding and/or contractions in women, and allergic reactions.

Where can I get oxytocin?

While there are many commercially available forms of oxytocin, this hormone has far-reaching effects throughout the body and thus should only be taken under the care of a physician.  As one of many potential boosters in men’s sexual medicine current research is ongoing.  In particular this means that not all side effects or the best dose is known.  A physician can work with you to ensure your goals are met to satisfaction in the safest way possible.

Are there any health problems that would preclude someone from taking oxytocin?

Given its ability to affect the CNS, those with a history of psychosis should not take oxytocin.  To ensure safe treatment, its imperative to talk to your physician about all your concerns before starting treatment.