LuBE Study

LuBE Study

LuBE Study

Have Better Orgasms!
I would like to invite you and your spouse to participate
as subjects in a unique clinical research study
at BrandeisMD in San Ramon.

BrandeisMD specializes in sexual and rejuvenate medicine for men, and we are currently running 3 IRB approved clinical trials.  This trial will focus on using a non-invasive technology to improve sexual function and intensity of orgasms (really!).

I have been asked by BTL Inc. to investigate the effects of Hi-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic waves (HIFEM) on erectile function, urination, quality of ejaculation in heterosexual men.  HIFEM uses a strong magnet to cause intense contraction of the pelvic floor.  For lack of a better term, Kegel exercises on steroids.

Currently, this technology is FDA cleared for men and women with stress incontinence and pelvic floor prolapse.  A recent paper showed significant improvement in female participants’ Sexual Function Index (FSFI) in 93% of study participants post-treatment and 100% at 3 months.  There was an average overall increase in FSFI of 50%, with a 76% improvement in desire, a 76% increase in satisfaction and a 60% improvement in orgasm.

At BrandeisMD, we are investigating a special HIFEM protocol for men to improve penile blood flow, urinary health, and orgasmic function.

Emsella involves sitting on a flat surface for 30 minutes while the HIFEM contracts your pelvic floor.  It is not painful, but the muscular contractions can be intense.

We are looking for sexually active heterosexual couples who would like to undergo HIFEM 30 minutes each for four consecutive weeks.  You will be asked to fill out brief validated questionnaires during each treatment and then 2 months after the final treatment.  There have been no adverse events reported with this technology.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in a study that may improve your sexual and urinary health with no harmful side effects.  Please respond to if you are interested.  We will accept the first 40 couples with a waitlist of 10 more.


LuBE Study

The Lu Brandeis ejaculation study uses a developmental protocol with the Emsella chair by BTL to improve the strength of the pelvic floor in men.  The pelvic floor is critical in ejaculatory function. The hypothesis is that improving the strength of the pelvic floor in men will result in more intense and longer lasting orgasm, better erectile function and better urinary function.

The Emsella Chair

Also useful in strengthening the pelvic floor in women.  It is FDA approved for improving urinary incontinence, frequency and urgency. The hypothesis is that it will improve intensity of orgasm, and the overall sexual experience.  This has already been shown in previous studies.

Participants will complete validated questionnaires on urinary function, sexual function, and partner sexual satisfaction. We are also developing a validated survey instrument called the LuBE score which will assess improvement in orgasmic experience.  The study will require every 4 week commitment, 1 hour/week in the office undergoing treatment with the Emsella chair developmental protocol.