InBody 270

InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer

It’s quick, easy and precise. All you have to do is step up, hold on, and you’ll get a full page print-out in seconds. In addition to total body fat and lean mass percentages, the InBody breaks down each segment of your body.

Why Body Composition Analysis?

The data provided by our InBody 270 is instrumental in both the planning and attainment of health and fitness goals. Strategies that provide immediate feedback are instrumental to success. The scan allows us to establish a clear and accurate baseline that will allow you to set appropriate and attainable goals, and track changes over time.

Simple weight scales or the Body Mass Index fall short in providing accurate data because they only highlight changes in weight. They fail to identify progress in muscle gain or fat loss. To support ongoing success through physical activity, understanding body composition with InBody is key.

Sample Result Sheet

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